Bicycle in Self Storage

Bicycle in Self Storage
📆 December 6th, 2016
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If you want to free up some valuable space in your house or garage, and plan to keep your bike in the unit self storage during the colder months, here are some great tips to ensure that the spring, the bike is still in tip top condition,

Hang your bike and store it upside down – It might sound like ridiculous, but one of the kindest things you can do on your bike while in the self storage is to ensure that the tires are inflated. Believe it or not, if you leave your bike up with a flat tire, it is just as harmful as physical cycling with a tire and you’re likely to be left with distorted wheels and tires destroyed. :)

As well as ensuring the tires are pumped up, you can remove the pressure to them by hanging your bike up while being stored. If this is not possible, then to save the upside will also do the trick.

Keep away rust – Having rust away is hard work, and sometimes even we unconsciously do more harm than good. If you decide to give your bike a good wash before putting in self storage, for example, make sure to dry it thoroughly because excess water will lead to rusting if you are storing it for a long period of time.

It is also important to think about the temperature will be in the bike store – especially during the winter months. The dramatic change in temperature will result in condensation builds along the pipe which eventually will result in rust. If you have a steel-frame bike especially, do not store it in an unheated space, because we could get a lot of damage.

Fix any damage – Before putting the bike goes the winter months, inspect it for any damage and address them appropriately. It may be tempting to get past any problems as you will not be using it for a few months, but ignored this fact may constitute unnecessary hassles and problems that will have to deal with when the bike out of storage.

To dust – All that is stored for a long period without touch will collect dust. To prevent settling on his beloved bike, however, a simple dust sheet will do the job, and it also has the bonus of an extra layer of warmth proof.

With winter fast approaching, it’s almost time to save the bike away again.

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