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Plastic Garden Storage

wickes garden storage

In fact, some of these products you can not even classify as “storage products”. But that’s how online retailers categorize them. And they meet my definition of a plastic garden storage product as anything that helps you keep your yard neat and organized. What kind of products do I speak exactly? Let’s start with the […]

Bicycle in Self Storage

Bicycle Hoist

If you want to free up some valuable space in your house or garage, and plan to keep your bike in the unit self storage during the colder months, here are some great tips to ensure that the spring, the bike is still in tip top condition, Hang your bike and store it upside down […]

Storage Cabinets and Garage Cabinets

lowes garage storage cabinets

Garage storage systems from several materials such as MDF (wood composite) with an acrylic coating, metal and aluminum. The aluminum housing is the most expensive with the wood in the lowest costs. MDF cabinets are supplied usually free and are not assembled and are supplied with mounting instructions. Aluminum housing with an open back to […]