Decorating with Ceiling Medallions Lowes

Decorating with Ceiling Medallions Lowes
📆 November 5th, 2017
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The ceiling medallion is usually installed in the center of the ceiling. They add dimensions and design to the boring and often overlooked areas. As well as their decorative promises, they can also hide unsightly conditions of plaster or drywall that can be difficult and costly to repair.
The decorations with the ceiling medallions have been traced back to the early Middle Ages, though the details of their use are rarely done. We know the medal was duplicated in subsequent years across Europe. They are very happy in France and Italy. The current Italian and French motifs strongly reflect the medal – many times the medallion is the focal point of the whole room.

In history, medals are made of very heavy materials such as iron, plaster or marble. They are often very ornate and detailed. Famous artists spend months, or sometimes years, painting the artwork.
Today’s medals are more flexible in their use. There is endless possibilities for design, colors, textures and materials. Medals can be made of wood, plaster, polyurethane and other materials. They are also available as custom made marble. However, this is very expensive and should only be installed by qualified installers, because it weighs in part. :)

The ceiling medallions range from six inches to 74 inches tall and are larger in diameter. When decorating a small space, such as a hallway, a smaller diameter diameter should be enough without too much lighting it. Larger spaces can accommodate larger styles. This is just a suggestion, not a rule. You can have a medal the size or the size you want.
One of the best features of using a ceiling medal is the unlimited number of options to coordinate fixtures, lamps and other decorative pieces to bind the common room. Many designers will paint or slander them to match the colors and other textures in the room.

One such faux technique is to make antique finishing by using basic paint and gold antique finishing, which is applied with lap and greasing movements. Different fabric textures will bring different results to your medal. If you do not like the results of ragging, try a feather or sponge. It’s best to train your technique before trying it out with a finished medal. Always paint or finish your medal before installing it.
Medals can be installed by a professional or with an average do-it-yourselfer. However, if you are not comfortable with electrical cables, it is best to hire a certified electrical engineer for light fixtures.

Installing a medallion is relatively simple. If you have decided to tackle the project itself, the first step is to turn off the power to the equipment in the breaker box. Professional electricians recommend you put a ribbon on the switch to make sure someone does not restore power while you work.
The next step is to loosen the screws or fasteners that hold the light to the ceiling. Loosen the cable by unscrewing the wire nuts and gently pulling the cord. Drill four pilot holes in a flat spot where they will not be visible.

At this stage, double sided tape is helpful. Use it to secure a temporary medal to the ceiling so you can lure the power cord. Reattach the cable to the lamp.
You are now ready for permanent nails or fasteners. Secure them to the light by attaching them in the test hole. Nail holes can be hidden with white cauldrons.
If your medallion is white and plugged into a white ceiling, many experts suggest filling the gap by enclosing a medallion that fills the ceiling. This will minimize gaps and shadows.

Many have found additional uses for decorative medals such as accents on a window frame. Try installing it directly in the frame in the top corner. Hanging care of swag or loose windows will complete the look and let the medal drama shine.
The ceiling medal is a circular, oval or square decorative panel, often made of polyurethane that can be affixed to the ceiling above the outlet of a lighting fixture or fan. The fixture then appears to hang from the medal center.

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