Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Boys

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Boys
📆 December 24th, 2017
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Many young boys seem to like the bright and bold primary colors and Disney action figures, but there are also dreams of pirates, dinosaurs, construction themes, cars, trains, planes, or western themes. Children’s beds can be purchased with ‘bed in bag set’, where everything is included. These series are often very economically affordable, and are a good choice when you consider that they may have other design changes in the bedroom within a few years.

A useful tip, and what I highly recommend, is to buy a bed before painting a room. It works best to bring blankets or blankets, shams, and others into your paint shop to make sure you get a perfect “fit” on the color or tone. For example, if there is a gray-blue color in the bed set, you might want to colorize some colors on the wall. :)

I always bring home paint samples before buying paint, just to see how the actual lighting in the room, the color effects. I took about 10 samples of paint and attached them to the wall, letting it be there about a day or so, to avoid taking too quick decisions. Day and night lights can have an impact on your color choices.

Artwork is also fun to put in a child’s room. There is plenty of artwork available for the little boy rooms that can be purchased online. Another option, is to just find the source photo site, save and print images, and buy a simple frame to include it. I do this for my own children, and are very happy with the results. Again, here’s another fun way to get your child into the design process. If they are looking for cowboys, horses, trains or cars, just type this, and there are hundreds of options to choose from.

Vector images are great for cartoon-type characters. If you are useful with Adobe Photoshop or similar programs, you can change the color of the image, add text (such as the name or inspiration quote), or put collages together using multiple photos. Usually I buy frames from Ikea, and sometimes paint the frame to match the colors in the bed or picture.

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