Replace Thermofoil cabinet doors

Replace Thermofoil cabinet doors
📆 December 6th, 2015
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Here are generally two types of damage that are most often associated with this type of door. The vinyl dissolves from the Board due to excessive heat or plastic coating begins to dissolve, because the production is not enough glue get on the surfaces of the circuit board when the doors were made. In both these cases, the doors are usually no longer need to be repaired and replaced. Here, the problem is, many customers have no idea where the actual doors came. There are literally hundreds of MDF door manufacturing companies scattered throughout the United States and Canada.

So here is what I do to this set smaller to get back. Most of the time, if I remove a vinyl wrapped drawer front from the drawer and look at the back of it, there is a sticker on it. This label is the company name, date of manufacture, door style and color codes on them. Once we this information we then, to the company to find out whether the doors are still under warranty Some MDF manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty against discoloration and delamination. Please note, heat damaged doors are not covered by the warranty. The next step is to request a catalog and color patterns. Once these materials we will then be able to identify the door style, with the color and order the spare parts. :)

Tips to Protect Your thermofoil doors from heat damage:

::) Remove the drawers and doors when you are using the self-cleaning feature near the stove. When cleaning is performed, there is a small amount of excess heat that escapes through the edges of the appliance door. This will shrink the plastic melt and cause and curl.
::) Avoid fryers directly under the upper cabinet doors. Again, the heat will affect the edges.
::) Either or push toasters of the door edges, so that the heat rising does not cover damage to the doors leading.

A few words about the warranty on thermo foil cabinet doors.

It is important to know that even if your doors can be replaced without cost from the production, you will still have to pay a professional cabinet man to make the exchange. Just as an example, if your cabinet man should be $ 50 per hour from the beginning to the cost of 21 ‘of uppers and 21’ of base cabinets exit charges about five to six hundred dollars cost. The company, originally from the doors should cover all the shipping costs. So if the cabinet guy says you must ensure that the doors delivered, I propose to directly call the company and find out for yourself to pay.

Hire a Professional

Replace thermofoil doors should be performed by a professional. So, “do not try this at home.” If you hire someone to do the work for you, you will end up saving a lot of time and trouble. Professional Wardrobe Men have special drills and templates that can achieve them excellent results when they replaced MDF doors.

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